Air Conditioning Solutions

Hinterland Air can proivide air conditioning solutions across the full span of cooling and heating needs for commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Selecting the air conditioning system that is right for your needs is dependent on a number of factors including, the size of the area you wish to aircondition, number of rooms, building design, flexibility required of the system, the aesthetic you wish to achieve and your budget.

Split Systems

Split systems are ideal for air conditioning one area or room of a building.The system comprises an outdoor compressor attached to an indoor wall mounted or floor standing unit. These can be for cooling only or reverse cycle for heating and cooling. A separeate system needs to be installed for each area of your home or office that you wish to air condition.

Spilt systems are cost effective to install and are economical and energy efficient for cooling and heating. The indoor units are discrete, with quite operation. They also have the ability to filter and de-humidify the air. 

Multi Split Systems

Multi Split systems allow you to cool up to nine rooms with just one outdoor unit connected to individually controlled indoor units. The units can be connected to wall mounted, floor standing or ceiling cassette systems depending on individual room design and requirements. Multi split systems are a good option if you lack space for an outdoor compressor or roofspace for ductwork.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are the number one choice to provide climate controlled comfort to your entire home or building. A ducted system can be tailor designed for new or existing buildings. It includes an outdoor compressor / condensor which is connected to the indoor unit with insulated refrigerant pipes. The indoor unit is located in the ceiling or underfloor. The indoor unit distrubutes air along flexible ductwork to each room through air vents in selected locations, which can be placed discreetly in the ceiling, wall or floors.

Ducted systems give the most consistent temperature control throughout the entire building. They can be designed to operate in zoned areas so you can manage tempeatures of different areas to suit your lifesyle or building needs, or switch off areas not in use, giving the best in energy efficiency. 

Inverter technology offers systems that monitor and maintain a constant temperature. The benfits include reduced energy consumption and running costs; less voltage peakes; faster start-up time and reaching desired temperature sooner; no fluctuations in temperature, and quieter operation.

VRV and VRF Networked Systems

Variable Refrigerent Volume (VRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) are sophistocated climate control technologies. Convential air conditioning systems air condition a building as a whole, whereas VRV & VRF systems air condition each room individually. This allows the occupier of each part of a building to control the temperature in their zone.

Precise temperature control is possible with VRV systems. The user simply sets the ambient temperature at their control panel and the system will maintain the room at that temperature regardless of what is happeningh outside or in the room next door. It also means one part of a building can be cooled while another is beaing heated. 

VRV & VRF are energy efficient large scale air conditioning systems for ideal for commercial applications.

Packaged Units

Packaged units air conditioning means that all the air conditioners main machinery is housed in one package, making it efficient and easy to access. Theses are normally installed on a roof with duct work that runs in and out of the building. These are powerful units that can control the temperature of very large open spaces, typically for commercial and industrial application. 


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