Service & Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential to ensure it operates at its most effective and efficient capacity.

Our service technicians are qualified and have the experience to handle all of your air conditioning service needs. Our technicians hold current refrigeration qualifications, carry a restricted electrical license and have ARCtick refrigerant certification.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance can save you costly repairs and the inconvenice of breakdown.

We recommend residential air conditioning systems undergo preventative maintenance on an annual basis.

Commercial systems have differing requirements. We can develop a cost effective maintenance schedule for your system to keep it operating at its best and reduce the risk and inconvenience of failure and breakdown.


In the event of a system breakdown our technicians have the experience and qualifications to diagnose issues quickly and get your system back into operation as soon as possible.

Contract maintenance customers receive priority service for breakdowns. We have technicians available weekends and public holidays.*


With a reputation for quality service, Hinterland Air is a Certified Warranty Agent for Mitsubishi and Daikin on the Gold Coast.  


Basic Service includes:

Check & clean filters                               Check condenser  

Check gas pressure                                Check fan                           

Check & clean drains                             Check Compressor

Check general operation                       


Comprehensive Service includes:

Check & clean filters                              Check condenser  

Check gas pressure                                Check fan                           

Check & clean drains                              Check Compressor

Check general operation                        Mizu foam condenser coil cleaner

Koil Kote rust prevention                        External Cover rust prevention            


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